Our Promise

Gains Gang, Inc

Our Promise

Manufacturing in a responsible way has always been important to us which is why we strive for eco-friendly production practices. All dyes for our textiles here in the United States are BlueSign® Certified ensuring virtually no harm to the environment when used.

By adopting the most efficient processes in apparel fabrication, our garments require using 7x less water and electricity when made than most companies. Being printed in California ensures that the strictest EPA Regulations in the world are implemented which allows us to run a higher level of environmental compliance than if our products were made anywhere else.

All items are high quality, made with durability and sustainability in mind to withstand a long product life cycle. As technology has advanced, so have our methods. From the tear-proof 100% recycled polyethylene [LDPE] packaging we use, to our method of shipping via the USPS BlueEarth Program - we always keep you and the planet you live on in mind. Our goal will always be to create outstanding products using the best materials while advocating for transparency and Earth first.

At Gains Gang, we are dedicated to providing every single person with an exceptional experience. If for any reason there is an issue with your order/delivery please do not hesitate to contact us. Submitted inquiries will be forwarded to our team and you will be connected immediately.

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